Development Diary – The Whole Story

We are living in a big city where live space is expensive and most people (including us) do not have a balcony or a garden so we are unable to have a BBQ – BUT we really love to BBQ. For many people like us the only option is to go to a public park and BBQ. One summer’s day we were grilling like normal until the police showed up and told us that there was a fire ban in place…

We didn’t want to accept this ban because summer is not summer without grilling. We then had an idea: We believed in freedom and we wanted the freedom to grill!

So we went on a journey to find a portable grill without an open fire. We discovered sun powered heating technology and its game-changing advantages.
(learn more about the technology of photongrills)

Devices for concentrating sunlight are quite common. However, they are designed for stationary operation only, or they are too weak and do not produce temperatures high enough for *real*grilling. We wanted a grill that would be a consummate grilling companion, that fits into every backpack, that could be taken wherever we wanted.We realized we had to invent something totally new!

2012 – First Prototype: “tub”